About Us

The Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma is a member-driven trade association. It is funded by the membership dues of community banks owned or chartered in the State of Oklahoma. Voting membership is not open to large, out-of-state mega-banks, even if they operate branches in Oklahoma.

CBAO allows bankers to collectively accomplish many goals that would normally be unattainable with only the efforts of an individual banker or individual bank. CBAO fights proactively for legislation that would level the playing field for community banking, while at the same time maintaining a strong defense against costly and burdensome regulations. Since CBAO only allows community banks into membership, 100% of priority issues are on behalf of the community banking industry.

Employees of CBAO member banks utilize their association as a RESOURCE in many ways:

  • Education: Training is a never ending struggle for community banks. A well trained staff provides your customers better service, protects bank assets and meets regulatory requirements. While so important, it is a constant challenge to have employees out of the bank for training. CBAO offers excellent bank employee training in forms of seminars, webinars, conferences and the annualconvention.
  • Legal and Compliance issues are always a concern for community bankers. CBAO members enjoy the opportunity to have an outstanding banking attorney available at no cost to answer general banking questions. Whether it is an Oklahoma banking code question or a tough federal compliance issue, CBAO members become more competitive with this excellent additional compliance tool.
  • Endorsed Service Providers offer CBAO member banks an excellent resource for bank products and services. CBAO works with a few select companies that are the best in their field. This saves your bank valuable staff time on due diligence. Additionally, many companies offer discounts to CBAO member banks that are not available to non-member banks.
  • CBAO’s Convention is an excellent source for training, net-working, new ideas, and wonderful food and entertainment with fellow Oklahoma bankers.

The community banking industry will see more and more tremendous challenges in the years ahead. It is vital that Oklahoma community banks have an association whose only priority is what is best for the community banking industry. If you feel it is important to maintain the value of your banking franchise, to maximize the return on investment to your stockholders, and utilize every competitive advantage available, then become a member of CBAO.

If you are a community bank, the Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma is deserving of your support and asks for you to join paying very reasonable “fair share” dues.