Carter Mathews, Senior Examiner, CEM, ACISE, Oklahoma State Banking Dept

2016 Carter Mathews

Mr. Mathews began his examining career with the Oklahoma Banking Department in 1982.  He also spent some time as a banker and thus appreciates the perspective from the “other side of the desk.”  Mr. Mathews has been examiner-in-charge of over 125 bank and trust company examinations for institutions of all sizes, including those in troubled condition.  Additionally, he has led over 75 information technology examinations since 2008.  Although assigned to the Tulsa Field Office, Mr. Mathews has examined banks in all areas of the state.  He is a Certified Examinations Manager and Associate Certified Information Systems Examiner through the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and serves on the CSBS Technology Committee.  Mr. Mathews is a graduate of the Jack T. Conn Graduate School of Community Banking at Oklahoma City University.