Community bankers are constantly looking for products and services that will help our banks thrive. In the current regulatory and economic climate, it is particularly important to have all the resources you can get totackle intense compliance requirements, reduce expenses and improve staff productivity. I am writing you today about a unique new tool to help you do just that.

CBAO is announcing a new online collaboration network which is available to all the community banks of Oklahoma. This private, secure network provides an easy way for our banks to work together in ways that alleviate our common burdens. You will be able to share and exchange valuable content and best practices to address such pressing issues as Red Flags compliance procedures, Pandemic Influenza policies, RDC agreements, regulatory exam information, HR policies and other management tools that have been used by real banks.

We selected “cbanc” (short for the Collaborative Banking Network) as our network because it has been built to meet the special needs of a community bank and because it connects banks all across the country – not just our Oklahoma peers.

Community banking is changing and right now our biggest threats are “big” banks and the tidal wave of legislation that’s about to come crashing down. It is critical for us to work together and support each other if we are to survive in this climate. Now is the time to harness our collective resources, and the cbanc network is a smart place to start.

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