GableGotwals – Federal Compliance Partner


GableGotwals – Federal Compliance Partner

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a banking compliance support line (the “Support Line”) provided by GableGotwals, sponsored by the Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma (the “CBAO”), by which CBAO members can call a compliance attorney at GableGotwals and receive responses to general questions about federal regulatory compliance. Whether it’s the location of a particular regulation or specific elements of compliance with it, the Support Line is intended to help members of the CBAO meet their compliance requirements in an efficient and convenient way.

To use the Support line, a CBAO banking member may simply call Tom Vincent, Compliance Attorney at GableGotwals, at (918) 595-4857, or send him an e-mail at Calls will be responded to as quickly as possible; if Tom is not available directly, he’ll get your message and call or e-mail you back as soon as possible.
The Support Line is a service provided by the CBAO for its members, to further the mission of the CBAO to provide a resource to community banks owned or chartered in the state of Oklahoma. To that end, please be aware of the following:

  1. The Support Line is available only for community bank members in good standing of the CBAO (“CBAO Members”). Anyone calling or e-mailing the Support Line (collectively a “Caller”) will be asked if they are an officer, employee, or director of a CBAO Member and, if so, which member bank.
  2. Should the Caller not be a CBAO Member, the Responding Attorney may provide factual, objective reference information on a one-time basis, at the Responding Attorney’s discretion. Regardless of any information provided, the Responding Attorney will refer the Caller to the CBAO for specific membership information.
  3. The intent of the Support Line is to provide assistance to Community Banks in understanding and implementing the various federal regulations that impact community banks, and not to enforce a particular regulation against a bank client. As such, use of the Support Line does not create an attorney-client relationship either between the Caller and the attorney responding to the question (the “Responding Attorney”) or between the Caller and GableGotwals generally. As such, no information or material provided by the Caller or by GableGotwals should be considered confidential or subject to attorney-client privilege.
  4. By providing information in response to the Caller, neither the Responding Attorney nor GableGotwals is providing a legal, accounting, or other professional service, and the information itself does not constitute, nor is it intended to constitute, legal advice.
  5. The Responding Attorney will attempt to respond to a question from a CBAO Member by providing compliance information that may be of assistance generally to all CBAO Members, and the CBAO may subsequently provide such information to all its Members (but without voluntarily disclosing the identity of the Member asking the question).
  6. Should the question posed require a non-nominal amount of research, or involve an issue or matter of law specific to the CBAO Member and not sufficiently useful to the CBAO Members generally, in the discretion of the Responding Attorney, then the Responding Attorney may request that the CBAO Member retain counsel for the issue – either GableGotwals or another law firm.
  7. If the CBAO Member is currently subject to any regulatory order or agreement with any federal or state regulatory agency, then that CBAO Member may not utilize the Support Line. Similarly, if the question involves the bank’s relationship with or activities directly involving a specific client of GableGotwals, the CBAO member may not use the Support Line. Should the question involve a specific bank client, the Responding Attorney may request information about the identity of the bank client to ensure avoidance of any conflict of interest.


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