Gil Barker – OCC

Gil Barker has served as Deputy Comptroller of the Southern District in the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), since September 2007.
As Deputy Comptroller, Mr. Barker oversees the supervision of more than 451 banks and federal savings associations, 108 asset management providers, and 58 technology service providers spread over nine states from Texas to Florida. He manages a staff of more than 400 bank examiners in 21 field and satellite offices geographically spread throughout the district. This staff of field examiners includes safety and soundness examiners as well as specialists in the areas of asset management, bank information systems, consumer compliance, capital markets, and credit.
Mr. Barker joined the OCC in 1978 and spent his early years as a field examiner participating in examinations of national banks ranging in size from small community banks to the largest multinational institutions. He has held a number of managerial positions throughout the OCC’s Central, Midwestern, and Southeastern districts.
Mr. Barker, originally from Detroit, is a 1977 graduate of Western Michigan University, the University of Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Banking, and the University of Minnesota’s Midwest Banking Institute.