Kelley Lovelace

Kelley Lovelace was born in Paducah, Kentucky but was primarily raised in Hixson, Tennessee on the outskirts of Chattanooga. He currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee just a few miles south of Nashville.

Upon completion of basic training in the United States ARMY, Kelley received the coveted Distinguished Honor Graduate Award recognizing him as the top soldier in the company. He continued to excel in the military and obtained the rank of specialist (E-4) before receiving an honorable discharge for faithfully completing his two-year term of service at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia.

As a cum laude graduate of Belmont University, Kelley began working and writing at Larry Butler’s music publishing company, Perdido Key Music. In just three years he became President of this publishing company, owned by Shug Baggott, and dubbed it Music Alley before choosing to write songs full time and landing a song writing deal with EMI Music Publishing.

As a writer, he has had many songs recorded by artists such as Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Kenney Chesney, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow, Randy Houser, Hunter Hayes, Joe Nichols, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreary, Terri Clark, Montgomery Gentry, and many others. Among these recordings are 23 Top 10 Billboard / R&R / Mediabase hits: 16 of which have reached the #1 position:

He Didn’t Have To Be/ Brad Paisley                                             #1

(Brad Paisley / Kelley Lovelace)


Wrapped Around / Brad Paisley                                               #2

(Brad Paisley / Kelley Lovelace / Chris DuBois)


Two People Fell In Love / Brad Paisley                                      #4

(Brad Paisley / Kelley Lovelace / Tim Owens)


The Impossible/ Joe Nichols                                                          #1

(Kelley Lovelace / Lee Thomas Miller)


I Just Wanna Be Mad / Terri Clark                                             #1

(Kelley Lovelace / Lee Thomas Miller)


What’s A Guy Gotta Do/Joe Nichols                                           # 3

(Kelley Lovelace/Joe Nichols/Don Sampson)


Girls Lie Too/ Terri Clark                                                              #1

(Kelley Lovelace, Connie Harrington, Tim Nichols)


The World/Brad Paisley                                                               # 1

(Kelley Lovelace, Lee Thomas Miller, Brad Paisley)


Don’t Forget To Remember Me/ Carrie Underwood          # 1

(Kelley Lovelace/ Ashley Gorley / Morgane Hayes)


Ticks/Brad Paisley                                                                                     #1

(Kelley Lovelace/Brad Paisley/Tim Owens)


Online/Brad Paisley                                                                                   #1

(Kelley Lovelace/Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois)


Laughed Until We Cried / Jason Aldean                                   #6

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All-American Girl / Carrie Underwood                                    # 1

(Kelley Lovelace/Carrie Underwood/Ashley Gorley)


I’m Still A Guy / Brad Paisley                                                   #1

(Kelley Lovelace /Brad Paisley/Lee Thomas Miller)


Start a Band / Brad Paisley & Keith Urban                                           #1

(Kelley Lovelace/Ashley Gorley/Dallas Davidson)


American Saturday Night/Brad Paisley                               #1

(Kelley Lovelace/Brad Paisley/Ashley Gorley)


Water/Brad Paisley

(Kelley Lovelace/Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois)                          #1


Remind Me/Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood                #1

(Kelley Lovelace/Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois)


Take It Off/Joe Nichols                                                            #26

(Kelley Lovelace/Dallas Davidson/Ashley Gorley)


Camouflage/Brad Paisley

(Kelley Lovelace/Brad Paisley/Chris Dubois)                        #14


 If She Were Any Other Woman / Buddy Jewell

(Kelley Lovelace/Brett Beavers/Connie Harrington)           #25


Eighteen Inches / Lauren Alaina

(Kelley Lovelace / Carrie Underwood / Ashley Gorley)         #35


Southern Comfort Zone / Brad Paisley

(Kelley Lovelace / Brad Paisley / Chris DuBois)                     #1


Runnin’ Outta Moonlight / Randy Houser                          #1

(Kelley Lovelace / Dallas Davidson / Ashley Gorley)


I Can’t Change The World / Brad Paisley                                                                           # 22

(Kelley Lovelace / Brad Paisley / Chris DuBois)


Riverbank / Brad Paisley                                                                                                                       #2

(Kelley Lovelace / Brad Paisley)


Crushin’ It / Brad Paisley                                                                                                             #7

(Kelley Lovelace/Brad Paisley/Lee Miller)


21 / Hunter Hayes                                                                                                                        #21

(Kelley Lovelace/Hunter Hayes/Dallas Davidson/Ashley Gorley)


Country Nation / Brad Paisley                                                                                                  #9

(Kelley Lovelace/Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois)


Kelley has also received Song of the Year nominations for He Didn’t Have To Be,” co-written with and recorded by Brad Paisley, from the Country Music Association (CMA), the Academy of Country Music (ACM), and the TNN Music Awards. Kelley’s first Grammy nomination came in 2002 in the category of Best Country Song for The Impossible recorded by Joe Nichols, co-written with Lee Miller.

He has been awarded Song of the Year for He Didn’t Have To Be by the TNN Music Awards and Music Row Magazine and is co-author of a gift book for stepfathers entitled He Didn’t Have To Be.”

Kelley’s second book, published by Rutledge Hill Press, is entitled “If You’ve Got A Dream, I’ve Got A Plan”. This book is a must read for all aspiring songwriters.

As an active member, Kelley shares the vision of the Nashville Songwriters Association International of protecting the rights of songwriters worldwide.

He is an ordained Deacon and has served at Brentwood Baptist Church. He also donates his time and talents as the celebrity spokesperson for Bethel Bible Village; a Christ centered home for children in crises.  He personally organizes and performs his songs live to help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and ministries such as St. Jude, and Pursue Ministries.