Payroll Deduction for PAC

Payroll Deduction Packet 

The CBAO Board of Directors invites and encourages every Oklahoma bank to begin an employee payroll deduction plan to support CBAO’s CBA-OK-PAC for state candidates and ICBA’s ICBPAC for nationally elected officials.

Banks are encouraged to have a staff meeting to explain the value of the CBAO membership and to ask for each employee’s voluntary support of the PACS. The community banking franchise is at risk and bank employees need to realize that if they want a career with a community bank, they cannot take their industry for granted.

Each bank will work with their current payroll system to accept the employees requested deduction and direct the amount to a special account at the bank. Quarterly, the bank will issue 2 checks, the first to CBA-OK-PAC and the second to ICBPAC. CBAO will be furnished a list with the donor’s name, address, and amount for reporting purposes.

CBAO will remit the ICBPAC funds and information to ICBA on a quarterly basis as well.

The goal is to get employees from entry level to the President and CEO involved at some level. Suggested guidelines could be:

Bank Employees: $2-$5 per month divided into pay periods
Bank Officers: $5-$15 per month divided into pay periods
Senior Bank Officers: $15-$30 per month divided into pay periods

Banks may create their own employee voluntary request to withhold form or use the form provided by CBAO.